Rhinoplasty is considered the most difficult ‘common’ aesthetic procedure because of the wide variation in the patient’s anatomy and aesthetic desires. For the surgeon, the challenge is to master the endless number of operative techniques available and to develop an artistic sense of aesthetics to balance the nose to the rest of the face.

Thus, during a career in rhinoplasty it is important to keep focus on three important A’s:

  • Academics: knowledge about anatomy and an endless variety of techniques
  • Application: surgical skills, intuition, quick decision making, fitness
  • Art-factor: artistic sense of aesthetics, creativity

Eugene Tardy (1995) Elegantly describes the continuous learning process in rhinoplasty as follows:

Every rhinoplasty operation presents the surgeon with a diversity of nasal anatomy, contours, and proportions, requiring a series of organized and interrelated surgical maneuvers tailored to each patient’s anatomical and functional needs. Such skills require many years of study and experience as the surgeon observes, analyzes, and modifies surgical results and rhinoplasty therefore knows a long learning curve that lasts a lifetime.

Due to Covid-19 outbreak the course is prosponed to fall-winter 2020.


  • Target audience concerns the more experienced Rhinoplastic surgeon
  • All lectures by 3 highly qualified and experienced rhinoplastic surgeons
  • Lectures of 12 minutes containing pearls of each possible Rhinoplasty subject
  • Limited overlap
  • Part of the course is reserved for discussions of specific cases with participant interaction

Come join us and let us teach you what we have learned so far using both endonasal and external rhinoplasty techniques.

This course was given 12 accreditation points.


Peter J.F.M. Lohuis, MD PhD
Otorhinolaryngologist/Head Neck Surgeon
Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lohuis-Filipovic Medical Group, Zagreb

Fazil Apaydin, MD
Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery
Ege University, Izmir, Turkey

Carlos Pedroza, MD
Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery
Imbanaco Medical Center, Cali, Colombia

Frank Datema, MD PhD
Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery
Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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